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Create an original exciting party for your kids using their favourite past time, gaming. We all know kids love games but sometimes having one console and one screen can create a closed environment, as well as arguments! With our gaming units and experienced staff this is not the case, we can have up to 20 children gaming at one time. As well as being great fun this also helps the party goers develop some key life skills including team work, creativity and social skills.


Pick from our themed gaming parties or mix and match to keep everyone happy.





Block party is a great for your children to enjoy their favourite construction games in a sociable creative way. With challenges and set game modes their creativity and team work skills will develop whilst having heaps of fun.



Climb, jump, shoot, kick, bowl, dance and even milk a cow, your children will have an amazing time playing the latest active games. With lots of movement and fun these parties are great for the whole family.



Pick your favourite teams and compete against your friends to be crowned ‘World Cup Champion’ and you can even win a trophy. Keep an eye on the results table as you and your friend’s progress through the stages. There’s no waiting around to play as we have multiple units for maximum game time.


Jump into battle with our immersive gaming units, large screens and top of the range headsets making a shoot `em up party like no other. So if you’re fed up with squeezing around one screen to compete with your friends, contact us to find out who is truly the king of the Shoot `Em Ups.

So whether you would like a social mix of varied games or a fun gaming challenge, we have all the latest releases and top of the range equipment to make your gaming party one to remember.


Price is always a concern so we will work with you to make your School for Gaming party as affordable as possible. Choose to have your party in your own home or work with our team to find a convenient venue. Prices start from £250. 

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